Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Anthony Youel at The Hide Gallery Sheffield

These pictures were captured just as Anthony was leaving The Hide Gallery Sheffield.  Some of the exhibits had already been packed.  The Hide showed a vast number and array of Anthony's art which is fashioned in several mediums.  His work includes paint and chalk pictures as well as found art where he forms found items into new artistic creations.  Anthony’s art works are on show in his own gallery space that he has created at The Monkey Thurgoland.

These pictures were created quickly with portable flash systems and a multiple camera and lens set up. The images have all been tweaked to create a mixed portfolio of colours and settings.  The light in the gallery created an atmosphere.  The lighting for the camera was at times set to compliment and not overpower the existing light sources.  Everything was created to give one quick tour of the gallery space highlighting Anthony Youel and his creations.

Anthony's creations are individual.  The exhibition at The Hide showed his work to a new audience.  The end of the show in Sheffield brought the artworks back to Thurgoland.  The reaction from the gallery visitors in Sheffield has inspired a new display at The Monkey.  He never ceases to create and display his work.

Anthony Youel at The Hide Sheffieldwww.flickr.com/photos/phhsykes/sets/72157649704389859/

Anthony Youel – Artist, Poet Visionary

Photos copyright 2014 PHH Sykes

Anthony Youel at The Hide Sheffield (119)

Anthony Youel at The Hide Sheffield (124)

Anthony Youel at The Hide Sheffield (122)

Heppo Art with Anthony Youel

At the end of his exhibition at The Hide gallery in Sheffield in December 2014 I was fortunate enough to be with Anthony Youel and to have a glimpse in the studio of Jason Heppenstall.  Here are a few of the pictures from that day.  The metal work on show attracted some great attention from those that I was with in the gallery.  Being in a workshop space where art is being created is always superb.  The many artefacts in the wok space were in themselves a great exhibit of the process of making art from found and created metal work.  The obvious high level of skills involved were shaping various pieces through various states of development.  The piece that brought most attention was stunning mermaid statue.  Her metal shapes are both sensuous and frightening.  Even set still in steel she is a true Siren whose devastating attraction is cold and sharp to the touch.  Her fork tine like fronds are kept under a chrome bumper bar now used a protective cover.  The steel of her figure catches and releases light in sharp contrast imitating the bright scaled body of fish.  HeppoArt was a wonder to behold and sea Siren's spell still washes over me in the returning tides of my memory.

Jason Heppenstall

Anthony Youel - Artist

Photos copyright 2014 PHH Sykes

Heppo Art with Anthony Youel (112)

Heppo Art with Anthony Youel (104)

Heppo Art with Anthony Youel (102)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Long Company Mummers at The Old Bridge Inn Ripponden

It was dark night with touch of drizzle from the skies, but in front of the oil lamps waited a brilliant surprise.  By torch light in procession played in by musicians came strange shapes all clad in fantastic guise.  There was King Christmas, Common Jack, The Doctor and Beelzebub, St. George and the Prince of Paradine, all gathered close in one covey to act and speak, to fight, to die, cure, to live again and all the time to mum and mime.

This is agreat living tradition being enacted around the winter solstice.  It brought brilliant ideas to life of the light that will return in summer.  It showed us what we can do in the dark nights of winter.  With flaming torches, musicians and wonderful actors all in an open theatre more often used as a car park this primal spectacle was brilliantly brought to life.  There are so many reasons that I could give to recommend this performance but the easiest way is to say that I enjoyed it and want to go back for more.

6th January 2015 The Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden, HX6 4DF

The Long Company Mummers

Photos copyright 2014 PHH Sykes 

The Long Company Mummers at The Old Bridge Inn Ripponden (112)

The Long Company Mummers at The Old Bridge Inn Ripponden (147)

The Long Company Mummers at The Old Bridge Inn Ripponden (170)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Andrew Macpherson Photography and Time Travel

Please do not adjust your screens.  If you think that you have seen images like this released on the internet in 2010 then you are correct.  If you can see some startling alterations then you are further correct.  Links below will guide you to the initial photographic and written output.  If any other reasoning than time travel erupts to explain away these pictures then please dismiss it.  Just recently Andrew and I took a trip to Featherstone Castle and recreated some of the poses from 2010.  We used projected images to fix the positions but without patience, poise and balance our efforts would have failed in comparison to the success we have to show you here. 

It is just possible that my claims in the paragraph above are as fantastic as Andrew’s persona and I hope as well spun as his outfits.  As a storyteller and raconteur he is able to weave wonderful creations with words.  As a natural showman and bon vivant he makes entertainment in his world wherever he wishes to shine.  Taking these photographs was a true pleasure.  Andrew stepped into the studio space set up in the castle and performed for the lens.  He was a willing subject who performed rather than posed and took on any role to suit the request made of him.

These photographs were taken using two studio flash units. One was reflected on a silver brolly and the other was reflected on and through a translucent white brolly. The two light sources were set to gently overpower the ambient room lighting and to generate a crisp but warm light. I hope that the rich tones come through and help to show Andrew Macpherson’s finery in a fitting a light? These poses were set to the most amusing banter and I am pleased if the joy of taking these pictures comes through to you in the images presented here.

2014 Andrew Macpherson Master of Ceremonies

Andrew Macpherson further info

Andrew Macpherson Blue Room Studios Gnosis 2010
2010 Article on Blogger

Andrew Macpherson Photography and Time Travel (2014)

Photographs ©2010 PHH Sykes

Text ©2010 & ©2014 PHH Sykes

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Fancies

Monday, 9 December 2013

Billy Watson and Faustus and Mephistopheles at The Lawnmarket

Throughout August the whole world is reflected in some format in Edinburgh during the festival. It is no surprise then to find Faustus and Mephistopheles parading over The Lawnmarket to advertise their show all along the Royal Mile. With a trembling flash the devil in all his finery is set out and within the world in a single exposure.  It is quite strange how we enjoy portraying evil with such allure.  The devil is said to have the best tunes and he seemingly dresses sharply and I believe steals all the best lines out of any script.

Fortunately for me and Billy the devil’s ministers were very approachable for a photograph or two.  The devil takes the hind most or so it said.  We put our best feet forward and hoofed it over to Mephistopheles for a quick photo opportunity.  On this occasion we seem to have got away with our souls and some good, or is that ‘wicked’ pictures?

Billy Watson and Faustus and Mephistopheles at The Lawnmarket

Faustus and Mephistopheles at The Lawnmarket

Billy Watson

Photographs ©2013 PHH Sykes

Faustus and Mephistopheles at The Lawnmarket (103)

Billy Watson and Faustus at The Lawnmarket (103)