Tuesday, 2 November 2010

PoemCatcher at Samhuinn in Edinburgh 2010

Line and rhyme
Sought and caught

If you know where poems are roaming then you only have to call him with his poem catching net and hook he catch enough verse to make a book.

The PoemCatcher has a hand crafted net in which to capture the poems that are donated with love as he trawls for verse on his travels.  It is a simple scheme whereby he loans pens and presents blank sheets of paper for passersby to compose their poems.  The result is a collection of poetry that reflects the event and those enjoying the gathering.  He has plans to further his catching activities and to unfurl his recording sheets at many more locations.

After 6 months of catching poems the PoemCatcher is only further enthused to reach out for yet more poems.  I have been very happy to complete a poem and to post it in the net.  Unfortunately my poem was posted at the only event to date where poems have escaped the caring clutches of the PoemCatcher.  New security measures I am sure will not allow for donated poems to fail to make the finished collections.  This is a great scheme that brings some vibrancy to poetry and smiles to the faces of the poem donators.

Catching continues…

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©2010 PHH Sykes
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PoemCatcher at Samhuinn in Edinburgh 2010 (103)

PoemCatcher at Samhuinn in Edinburgh 2010 (102)