Friday, 5 November 2010

Twisted Tails in Newington

As a part of Edinburgh Photocamp 2010 there was a photo shoot organised with Twisted Tails.  This Tribal Dance troupe is a photographer’s dream.  They use stunning make up and they wear individual outfits that have rich textures and superb reflections.  When the dancers strike a pose or run through a routine they offer many excellent attitudes for the camera.  Having seen this troupe working with a host of photographers I can say that they can put on a stunning show. 

I have decided to include 51 photographs in the set on Flickr.  This set shows something of the dancers and of the photographers.  The whole shoot seemed to be a great success with shutter clicking and flashes firing all around the improvised studio and the outdoor location.  Hips shimmied and swayed whilst swords were balanced on heads and swung in superb theatrical arcs.  Hands were turned and shaped into elegant extensions of the dance moves.  There were many stern looks from Twisted Tails when the dancers struck their stern performances faces.  It was so easy to follow the music and to be carried far away into an Arabian fantasy as soon as the beat was sounded and the dance had begun. 

The mix of traditional and modern dance the moves were quite stunning and they make for great photographic subjects.  The outfits are contemporary takes on established themes.  All of the dancers wore intricate jewellery which further embellishes the eastern dance atmosphere.  The dancers were very good to all of us photographers as we busied about taking pictures from all sides.  The atmosphere was always well paced without any need to rush as we all made the most of this wonderful opportunity.

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