Friday, 5 November 2010

PoemCatcher Photo Call Edinburgh 2010

This is a short account of a recent event in Edinburgh where the PoemCatcher faced the many lenses of Photocamp 2010.  It would appear that the flexible PoemCatcher is able to cope when confronted by calls for attention from massed ranks of flash equipped lens toting eager photographers.  The whole photo call was great fun.  Several scenes were made to fit the sets available.  Impromptu ideas and spontaneous suggestions lead to some photo opportunities being created and the results have proved that the efforts of all assembled were well worthwhile. 

For several scenes the photographers attending Photocamp 2010 were used as props to form a paparazzi style melee around the PoemCatcher.  He was set into several action poses and ran through some scenarios that nearly answered any questions about what a PoemCatcher may or may not wear beneath his kilt.  Modesty was maintained and the exertions of the shoot did not lead to any permanent physical injury.  The only notable problem came when an idea to use completed poems as a mobile prop resulted in their mobility taking one poem on to the unassailable roof close by.  This is the first known loss of any poem that has so far been donated.

Even though a poem may have escaped being recorded there were many photographers on hand to ensure that a photographic form of compensation is now in place.  The PoemCatcher has been collecting some photographs and his image is now on several sites across the internet.  Photocamp 2010 has helped to generate publicity and interest in this new venture.  The PoemCatcher does as his title suggest.  He catches poems and then he publishes them in a book which records the event or the theme which he was covering.  His works also include charitable donations and his PoemCatching is beginning to lead him beyond the next line and out into a wonderful wide world of commemorative literary productions.

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